With our innovative aggregate cooling system which is awarded for the Doha metro project in Qatar as well, we want to set new quality standards in the Sultanate.In environments with high ambient temperature and strong solar rays special measures to reduce the fresh concrete temperature are required. Traditionally large quantities of ready mix concrete have been cooled using flaked ice. With the increasing demand for high-quality concrete the addition of flaked ice is reaching to its limits.

Our system to cool the coarse aggregate is not only working fully automated but also with low energy input. This will contribute in a CO2 reduction. Compared to other traditional systems of cooling fresh concrete, our system can save up to 40% of energy consumption witch will generate a cost reduction effect and a much lower carbon foot prints.

The advantages of our innovative aggregate cooling system at a glance

  • Highest concrete production capacity because of no negative effect on the mixing time.
  • The cooling effect reaches to the aggregates and mixing water, 65% of the mix
  • 24/7 delivery possible (even at the highest ambient temperatures)
  • Long transportation time causes no temperature problem because of the “internal” cooling effect of the cooled aggregates
  • The first available system to control the fresh concrete temperature according to the specification and the needs of the project structures.
  • We only cool our concrete when we need to cool and only that much we really want to cool to fulfil the requirements.
  • Low energy consumption: 40% saving compared to traditional flaked ice systems
  • Lowest maintenance cost.

By using the cold water aggregate cooling system the coarse aggregates will be cooled completely, meaning the fresh concrete has a controlled temperature after mixing, which is always in line with the specified temperature on site.

For the coarse aggregates with size 10mm and 20mm each two watertight silos are installed as active storage where the coarse aggregate is cooled by chilled water. The cold and mixing water is provided by means of cold water chiller and stored in insulated cold water tanks.


  • 2 x mixing plants with hourly output rates each of 120m3 of compacted concrete (Total 240m3/h)
  • Production of all standard types of concrete with the full range of consistencies
  • Production of concrete with special additives (colors, fibers, foam, beads, light and heavy weight aggregates, etc.)
  • Production of all kinds of high-performance concrete like SCC, UHPC, high durable concrete, air entrained concrete, etc.

The BHS twin-shaft mixer is the industrial benchmark around the world for efficient and reliable production of ready-mixed concrete. All components are being measured by calibrated scales within limits much smaller than required by the relevant standards. After a very short mixing time, the BHS concrete mixer delivers consistently high homogeneity mixes, batch after batch. Cement and additives are dissolved perfectly. Admixtures are fast and evenly distributed throughout the entire mixture to ensure their best performance. In this way, all high-grade formula ingredients can be used with optimum efficiency.Each batching plant is automatically controlled by using the latest software from Germany.



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